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Legendary Lifestyle

“Lifestyle” means different things to different people.

For many, the “senior lifestyle” is slow and sedentary. At SunRiver St. George, however, our lifestyle is ACTIVE, INVOLVED, PASSIONATE, and SOCIAL!

You remember recess?  We live  young all day long here in SunRiver.  There is no teacher here saying when you can and cannot play.  I is up to you.  And there are plenty of ways to have fun.

The central clearinghouse for all this fun is the 35,000 square-foot community center.  If you have an interest, hobby or passion, you will most likely find a group or club that shares your interest at the community center – everything from pottery to motorcycles!

Live Young!

It’s more than a state of mind here at SunRiver St. George.  It is a community of people enthusiastically devoted to not acting their age.  People are truly having the best time of their lives.

You will see it the moment the sun rises over the red rock hills of St. George, Utah, with residents out for a walk, a r un or a bike ride passing each other with the universal smile and wave.  Or a group of friends gathering on the first tee, ribbing each other like a bunch of high school buddies.  You’ll find it at a community center alive with yoga classes, water aerobics, dancing and the passionate pursuit of a host of hobbies.

The sounds of the morning are also punctuated by the fast action on the pickleball courts and the unmistakable thwack of a tennis racquet.  I’ts another get-up-and-have-a-good-time day at SunRiver.  Another day to think young, act young and Live Young.

SunRiver residents live a lifestyle that includes fitness, learning, play, friendship, sports, volunteerism, competition, travel and patriotism. They are active in their community, enjoy their hobbies and other people. They choose to live their lives young!

If those things appeal to you, then you might find a great fit in SunRiver St. George.

Visit us and get a firsthand look at the SunRiver St. George lifestyle. Discover the scenic beauty surrounding SunRiver St. George, and meet active adults enjoying a new way of living.

Live Young at SunRiver St. George!

SunRiver Community Center

At SunRiver all the elements of everyday life – work, play, home, and leisure – are brought together in a magnificent setting to create a harmonious and friendly community that successfully balances privacy and sociability.

Serving as the social hub of SunRiver is the luxurious Community Center, a 35,000 sq ft multi-purpose facility packed with plenty of invigorating activities. From tennis to golf, lawn bowling to swimming, aerobic fitness celebrations, the Community Center is the focal point of activity.

[flagallery gid=3 name=”Community Center”]

Throughout the community, the 18-hole golf course winds its way past charming homes, walking paths, even a stream nearly 1/4 mile long. And although the visual appeal of the community’s beautiful landscaping and quality built homes is impressive, it’s the people who choose to make SunRiver their home that make this community truly remarkable.

From the moment you move in, you will be welcomed by friends and neighbors who share in your ambition to enjoy life to its fullest.

Socialize with people who have similar interests.

Are we having fun yet?

That’s a rhetorical question at SunRiver St. George, which one of our residents aptly described as a cruise ship parked on land. There is always something to do here or someone to meet. Do as much as you like. Or absolutely nothing at all.

From pickleball to pilates to painting there really is something for everyone.

Our community center is a magnetic place drawing our residents together to exercise, laugh and learn. The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are inviting all year long.

At any given time, you’ll find residents playing bridge in one of the game rooms, shooting pool in the billiards room, learning new skills in the computer lab, relaxing after a workout or, well, just ‘hanging out’ and having a good time.

And a beautifully-appointed ballroom—the center’s piece de resistance—is the perfect place for meetings, movies, live entertainment (including the SunRiver singers), and special gatherings, formal and informal.


Throughout the year, SunRiver St. George hosts events, festivals, concerts and more! Event highlights include:

  • Super Bowl Party
  • Valentines’ Day Party
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • Pet Festival
  • Kite Festival
  • Win & Cheese Social
  • Cinco do Mayo
  • 4th of July Patriotic Breakfast
  • Hot August Nights
  • Oktoberfest
  • Huntsman World Senior Games
  • Halloween Party
  • Veteran’s Day Luncheon
  • Christmas Party
  • New Year’s Eve Party

SunRiver St. George is the home of 49 different clubs and groups

A Club is an official organization that is sanctioned and approved by the the Board of residents.

Clubs create their own rules, and many offer activities – some that are private to Club members and others that are open to the entire Community. Clubs receive event assistance and room priority by the staff at the SunRiver Community Center.

[flagallery gid=2 name=Gallery]

No matter your interest or hobby, you are likely to find a group of friends who share your passion!

CARDS & GAMES:  Bingo, Bridge, Chess, Hand and Foot, Mexican Train Dominoes, Pinochle, Sunday Games, Texas Cards

CRAFTS:  Arts and Crafts, Beading, Carving, Humanitarian, Lapidary, Painting, Pottery, Paper Crafts, Quilting, Woodworking

DANCE, MUSIC & PERFORMANCE:  Square Dancing, Jazz Dancing, Dancing to the Oldies, SunRiver Singers, Jam Session, Theatre

GOLF:  Men’s Golf, Ladies Golf, Couples Golf

LIFESTYLE:  Casual Dining, Meditation, Investment, Pets, Singles, Red Hatters, RV Travel

PATRIOTIC:  American Legion, Auxiliary, Veteran’s Honor Park

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY:  Computers, Photography, Science

SPORTS, HEALTH & FITNESS:  Bicycling, Bocce Ball, Bowling, Hiking, Horseshoes, Lawn Bowls, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Tennis

Learn about all the things you never had time for.

SunRiver Education

In addition to the classes and activities provided at the SunRiver St. George Community Center, St. George is home to many other institutions of learning.

Residents are especially enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by Dixie State College through its Institute for Continued Learning (ICL).

For a small annual fee, currently about $40, you can attend classes ranging from Geology and Utah History to Broadway Musicals and Birdwatching, go on 4-wheel drive outings, participate in ICL-sponsored hikes and field trips, and enjoy several social events during the year.

In addition, many residents have discovered the Zion Canyon Field Institute at nearby Zion National Park, where an intriguing range of 1, 2, and 3-day classes are offered focusing on wildlife, geology, botany, landscape photography, and regional history. And closer to home, the St. George Senior Center offers classes that often supplement those available right here in SunRiver. Clearly, at SunRiver St. George, our “active adults” are exercising both mind and body.

SunRiver Fitness

The NewLife Fitness Center will be the focal point of your active living at SunRiver St. George.

The NewLife Fitness Center is packed with state of the art fitness equipment; however, it is the NewLife Fitness Program that makes the difference.

The NewLife Fitness Program is designed and developed to offer participants an individualized workout program based on your own strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach to fitness is established through an initial, individual assessment with a certified personal trainer.

Your assessment focuses on use of equipment, exercise education and workouts based on your abilities. Once you are a part of the NewLife Fitness Program you receive ongoing supervision and support with follow-up assessments to track your personal progress. You will see dramatic results and be motivated to exercise through participation in the NewLife Fitness Program! Come give it a try!

We also have ongoing fitness classes, Aerobics, Yoga, Muscle Toning, health and wellness, nutrition to help you maintain your active lifestyle.

The Sun River St. George community is enriched by its proximity to St. George, a beautiful, quaint, southwestern town.

St. George is consistently rated among the nation’s best places to retire.

Year ’round recreation, natural scenic wonders and a clean, safe community attract active adults from around the world. Quality medical care, secondary educational opportunities and a vibrant business environment support an unsurpassed quality of life.

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About the Local Area

Local Area

Where is St. George?

St George Location Where is St. George?  St. George is located in the southwest corner of Utah just off Interstate 15, just 119 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, and 303 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

St. George is known as the “Gateway” to National Parks such as Zion’s National Park, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and many more beautiful state parks. The city borders the northern Arizona state line, and is located between the towns of Santa Clara and Ivins to the west and Washington to the east.

The core of the city, including its downtown, Dixie State College, convention center, and hospital, are located in a small valley overlooking the Virgin River and surrounded by low lava and sandstone bluffs.

800px Dtn st george Where is St. George?

The city’s southern section, Bloomington and SunRiver St. George, is more typical of the Mojave Desert, with desert scrub and gravel dominating the landscape. The southeast part of the city contains some farming along the Virgin River, but like the west and northwest parts of the city has become increasingly dominated by suburban-style development.



What is the weather like in St. George?

Washington County is endowed with mild, low humidity winters with over 300 sunny days per year.  The desert climate, elevation of 2760 feet, promotes year-round recreation and leisure activities, including golf, tennis, fishing, waters sports, hiking, bicycling and more.

  • Winter temperatures in St. George regularly reach 60 degrees.  In January, the average daytime high temperature is 54 degrees, with an average nighttime low of 26 degrees.
  • In July, the average daily high temperature is 102 with very low humidity, with an average nightly low of 67 degrees.
  • Spring and fall days are normally very pleasant with highs int he low 70s and 80s.
  • St. George only receives 8.27 inches of annual precipitation.  Snowfall is rare, and usually melts very quickly.

Current Weather

MDljNzllYjlmYjI4NDNlYjkzNjgzMGI*ZDc4MzkzZjMmb2Y9MA== What is the weather like in St. George?


What is the population of St. George and Washington County?


According to the 2010 Census, Washington County (including St. George, Hurricane, Santa Clara, Ivins, etc.) has a population of 138,115.

The population of St. George is 110,091.

StGeorgePopulation What is the population of St. George and Washington County?
St. George benefits from having a balanced population base.  Although renowned as an attractive retirement haven, there is much more to St. George than retirement communities. There is youthful energy found throughout Southern Utah!

St. George is also home to many bustling families of all sizes, as shown in the chart to the left, where 29% of the population is under the age of 18. Students at Dixie State College also add to the mix.

This demographic diversity gives St. George a vibrancy and vitality that is missing in many communities. In St. George, it is found throughout all the programs and amenities available – in recreation, arts, shopping, athletics, parks, education and much more!


There are a total of 57,734 housing units in Washington County. Of those, 80% – or 46,411 – are located in the City of St. George.  73,666 people live in owner-occupied homes, and 34,929 people live in renter-occupied homes


The ethnic and racial makeup of St. George is largely the result of a legacy population of early English and European settlers. Today, however, 9% of the local population hails from a divergent cultures and races. No matter where you are from, you will feel welcome and comfortable calling St. George home!

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    What is the Cost of Living in St. George?

    The Cost of Living in St. George is generally 9% lower than the national average. Housing, Utilities and Health Care are categories where St. George particularly shines.

    Compare Your City With St. George in the Cost of Living Calculator

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      What types of outdoor activities are offered in Southern Utah?

      St. George is known as the gateway to over six national parks:  Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Zions and Lake Powell as well as many state parks.

      The St. George area is surrounded by beautiful red rocks that contain a network of approximately 35 miles of hiking and bicycling trails, three reservoirs and numerous parks, baseball & softball complexes, soccer fields, etc. There are also indoor and outdoor city pools, 13 public and private golf courses.  For anyone seeking an active, year-round outdoor lifestyle, St. George is the place to be.


      What is the predominant religion among SunRiver residents? In St. George?

      In SunRiver, about half of our residents come from 20 different non-western states, so religious affiliations are perhaps more diverse than anywhere in Southern Utah.

      saint george mormon temple2 What is the predominant religion among SunRiver residents?  In St. George?

      The St. George LDS Temple

      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or “Mormon”) is the predominant religion in St. George, although other faiths are well represented.  The St. George temple of the LDS church is a gleaming white icon for the city, set against the surrounding red hills.

      Local churches include:

      • Calvary Chapel of St. George
      • Christian Community Church
      • Christian Science Society
      • Church of Christ
      • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
      • Community of Christ Church
      • Cross Point Christian Fellowship
      • The Springs Church
      • Faith Mountain Ministries
      • First Southern Baptist Church
      • Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
      • Grace Baptist Church
      • Grace Episcopal Church
      • Harvest Christian Assembly
      • Jewish Community of Southern Utah
      • The Lighthouse
      • Living Waters Fellowship
      • Mountain View Bible Church
      • New Covenant Christian Center
      • New Life Christian Center
      • New Promise Lutheran Church
      • Red Cliffs Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses
      • Seventh Day Adventist Red Cliffs
      • Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church
      • Solomon’s Porch Foursquare Fellowship
      • Southland Bible Church
      • Spirit of the Desert Church
      • St. George Catholic Church
      • St. George Community Church
      • St. Paul’s Catholic Center
      • Trinity Lutheran Church
      • Unity Church of Positive Living
      • Valley Bible Church
      • Westside Baptist Church
      • Westview Christian Center


      What is the Crime Rate in St. George?

      Crime is generally very low in St. George.  According to, violent crime in St. George is 71.58% lower than the national average, and the property crime rate in St.George is lower than the national property crime rate average by 32.2%.

      As recently as 2004, St. George was rated the “Most Secure U.S. Places to Live” for communities of 150,000 or fewer in a survey conducted by The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.


      About Local Services


      How is the medical service in St. George?

      In a Word: Excellent!

      DRMC 300x97 How is the medical service in St. George?  Dixie Regional Medical Center offers emergency services, in-patient and outpatient care, a broad staff of qualified doctors in virtually any capacity needed. Dixie Regional Medical Center is a 245-bed hospital located on two campuses – River Road and 400 East.

      DRMC is the major medical referral center for northwestern Arizona, southeastern Nevada and southern Utah and has been recognized as a Thompson Top 100 Heart Hospital.  The DRMC Cardiac Rehabilitation program is nationally certified.

      Dixie Regional Medical Center partners with the Huntsman Cancer Institute to provide world-class cancer care for patients close to home, and recently added a newborn intensive care unit so that parents can stay with their struggling child without having to travel.

      DRMC also features a program called ” Gateway to Wellness”, which is a collection of services including fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and personalized medical fitness evaluations. With the continued support of the community, they are constantly growing to meet your needs.

      Dixie Regional Medical Center Awards

      • Healthcare Management Council Top Performers Award – Best Overall Performer (in the nation) — In terms of the mix between quality care and low cost, Dixie Regional has been ranked the best hospital in the nation.
      • Best Regional Hospital — Dixie Regional Medical Center is among the nation’s Best Regional Hospitals according to U.S. News & World Report, publisher of Best Hospitals. U.S. News annually evaluates nearly 5,000 hospitals in 16 different medical specialties.
      • Get With the Guidelines program — Dixie Regional was featured in U.S. News & World Report for demonstrated success at adhering to best practice guidelines that help patients suffering from stroke and heart failure recover better. Our stroke and heart failure programs earned the elite gold plus award.
      • MIDAS+ Platinum Quality Award — Dixie Regional Medical Center received the award recognizing clinical excellence in healthcare on May 25, 2011.
      • HealthInsight of Utah and Nevada 2010 Quality Award — Dixie Regional was the only hospital in Utah and Nevada to earn this award four years consecutively. HealthInsight recognizes facilities that provide superior heart, pneumonia, and surgical care.
      • NICU earns top scores — Data collected from more than 850 NICUs across the globe that participate in an international NICU benchmarking and quality improvement network shows Dixie scored first or tied for first in 6 of 17 criteria — a rare accomplishment.
      • Thomson Reuters Top 100 Hospital and Everest Awards — In 2010 Dixie Regional was listed as one of the top hospitals in the nation, and one of 23 hospitals honored with the Everest Award for greatest improvement over the past five years.
      • Thomson Reuters Top 50 Hospitals: Cardiovascular Benchmarks 2012 — Dixie Regional has earned this honor four times. The first two honors were for Top 100 status. In 2011 Thomson Reuters narrowed the list to the Top 50, and Dixie was again an honoree for 2012.
      • Cleverley 5-Star Hospital and Top l00 Hospital in 2011 — This award recognizes the value hospitals provide to their community in terms of quality care at low cost. Dixie has received this recognition since 2004.










      What are the airport services for St. George?

      St. George dedicated a brand-new airport (SGU) built on over 1200 acres in February of 2011.

      The new St. George Municipal Airport is located just 15 miles east of SunRiver and features state-of-the-art instrumentation approach, and accommodates regional jet aircraft, 737s and Airbus 319s.

      2012 flightmap What are the airport services for St. George?  The runway is 9,300 ft (1.8 miles) expandable to 11,500 ft, with two taxiways.  With the new location, SunRiver is no longer in the airport flight path. The new terminal building is 35,000 sq. ft.

      McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is two hours away, with direct flights across the country and around the world.

      St. George is headquarters to SkyWest Airlines, the primary United Express carrier in the west, which also flies for Delta Connection and US Airways Express.


      Do the homes in SunRiver come with the capability for natural gas?

      Yes.  Questar provides reliable, affordable, clean-burning natural gas to the homes of SunRiver at some of the lowest rates in the country.

      Natural gas rates are regulated by Utah Public Service Commission and are consistently among the lowest in the country.  The current rate (4/20/2012) for natural gas in SunRiver is $7.57143 per Dth.  CLICK HERE to see how Utah’s natural gas rates compare with the rest of the country.

      For more information on natural gas rates, availability or installation, contact Questar Gas at (800) 323-5517.


      Who supplies the electric power to SunRiver St. George, and what are their rates?

      All electricity to SunRiver St. George is provided by the Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Association.

      Dixie Escalante Electric is an electric cooperative providing electric utility services to approximately 15,000, customers in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  Dixie Escalante Electric is headquartered in Beryl, north of St. George, but also has an office in Bloomington.

      The current electric rates are $36.00 for the first 100 kWh, ($.03 per additional kWh), plus a $12.00 per month Demand Charge.