550px Clean Oil Off a Driveway Step 4 Maintenance Tips: The Best Way to Clean Spilled Oil Off Concrete or a Driveway uncategorized maintenance tips happenings  maintenance tips Even someone who keeps their car in top condition can occasionally find a drop or two of oil on their driveway.

Maybe the oil was just changed at the garage and they had a spill that wasn’t completely cleaned up and leaked all over. There may have even been a visitor and their car had a leak which they weren’t aware of. No matter how hard you try to keep the driveway looking nice, spills can and do happen.

It’s important to address the oil spill as soon as you notice it. If it still looks fresh, gently dab up the excess with an old towel or rag. After doing this, pour some cat litter over the spill. This will work to absorb the liquid you weren’t able to get up with the rag. After letting it set for a minute or two, step on top of the cat litter and apply pressure while moving your foot in a front and back or circular manner. This will help to get up the oil which the rag couldn’t pick up. After doing this, let the litter sit for about 10 minutes. Broom it up and see if you can still see the spot. If it’s still there, repeat for several times until the stain is gone.

Although this method works best when the stain is fresh, it can work on dried oil as well. It will take more effort to clean and may require more than a few tries.

Susan Carter is a freelance writer based out of Colorado who loves all types of DIY projects.