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Cauliflower Thyme Soup

During this time of year, sometimes all you need is a blanket, good movie, sweatpants, and a big bowl of this cauliflower soup. I LOVE this soup. It is brothy, savory, creamy, and filled with tender chunks of cauliflower. This recipe may look like it has a lot of steps, but I promise it is well worth it.

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Food Friday - Detox Soup

If your holiday season was anything like mine, it was filled with lots and lots of joy and goodies. By goodies, I mean treats, sweets, roasts, rolls, pies, cakes, and bread, you name it I ate it. It is no wonder gym memberships sky rocket during the month of January. Year after year I eat myself into a food and sugar coma during the holiday season and end up paying for it later. By later, I mean right now. 

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Double Chocolate Chips

It’s the weekend, but better yet it’s comfort food season! A season for all things comfy: sweaters, blankets, lounging inside by the fire, and most importantly, filling your tummy with warm goodies. What better way to kick off the beginning of fall than with a delicious batch of cookies? I personally love chocolate everything, but had never found a satisfying chocolate fix in any cookie recipe… until this one.

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Spicy Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate mixes often (or always) disappoint. Sure, it’s convenient to dissolve a packet of chocolate flavored powder in a cup of hot water. But is it really satisfying? To me, hot chocolate should be dark, warm, rich, and chocolaty. When I take a sip, I want to feel the ambiance of the Polar Express with the sound of Tom Hanks voice singing, “HOT! HOT! HOT CHOCOLATE!”

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Sweet Treats In St. George

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer? St. George is home to dozens of local favorite restaurants and mom and pop shops with fabulous desserts. So no matter what treat you’re craving, St. George has exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our recommendations below for the best ice cream, cupcakes, soda shop and cookies in town!

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Easy DIY Healthy Snacks

During St. George’s blazing summers, making DIY snacks can be an easy, healthy alternative to constantly eating out or spending time in the drive-thru line. Below are a few simple, easy ideas for making your own homemade, health-conscious snacks:

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