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SunRiver St. George Residents: Science Presentation

Many people say we live in "end times." Human civilization does face real threats. We know about the high publicity ones, global nuclear war, climate change, an asteroid impact, or perhaps the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano. On Tuesday, June 11th, Ron Smith will present a "refreshing approach" to the end of the world. There are threats, both biological and astronomical, that few people discuss. These will be the focus for "The End of the World." You'll find they play a significant role in assessing the probability of contacting an extraterrestrial civilization. Contacting ET and the end of our world may seem unrelated, but they are. Doors open at 5pm, Program starts at 5:30pm. You must purchase a ticket in advance. Popcorn tickets are $1 and can be purchased as late as noon on Tuesday, June 11th. Chicken wrap tickets are $5, and must be purchased before noon on Friday, the 7th. Seating is limited, so get your ticket today.

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