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SunRiver St. George: Science Presentation

Did Butch Cassidy die in a shootout in Bolivia in 1908 or did he return home and live the rest of his life under an alias? This is one of the biggest mysteries of the life of Robert LeRoy Parker (his real name). Born of LDS pioneer stock, he strayed as a teenager into a colorful career as an outlaw, in the process becoming one of the most famous Utahans in history. Rueben Wadsworth will speak about why the study of his life is so much fun and will also highlight the recent restoration of his boyhood home near Circleville, Utah. Some of you know Rueben from his frequent contributions to the St. George News. He taught elementary school here in St. George, but went back to college and completed a Master’s Degree in history from UNLV. Now he's an adjunct professor of history at Dixie State University. We'll all be fascinated to learn about the real life and times of Butch Cassidy. Doors open at 5pm, Program starts at 5:30pm. You must purchase a ticket in advance. Popcorn tickets are $1 and can be purchased as late as noon on Tuesday, September 10th. Chicken wrap tickets are $5, and must be purchased before noon on Friday, the 6th. Seating is limited, so get your ticket today.