GPS Golf Carts

The SunRiver golf course may be looking a bit different this season thanks to its fleet of 72 brand new Visage GPS golf carts. According to Larry Ricketts, SunRiver’s resident golf pro, the new golf carts will add to the atmosphere on the course.

“It’s always nice to have new, clean carts that will function and look good,” he said.

Even more than offering aesthetic improvements, the new GPS carts will help golfers maximize their experience on the course.

“The GPS features on the Visage golf carts will help players with yardages and distances, as well as understanding the layout of the each hole,” Ricketts said. “Sitting on the tee box, you can see all the  hazards, bunkers and other obstacles laid out via GPS, so you can map out your second and third shots strategically.”

Ricketts also explained that the GPS features will help increase pace of play for golfers across all 18 holes of the course, and that players seem to be responding well to the new carts.

“A lot of guys are excited,” he said. “People come in and tell us they love the GPS. Otherwise, if you’re not getting feedback on the carts, it’s a good thing because that means they’re functioning properly.”

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