The Rok Dox Rock SunRiver

Last Thursday, April 20, SunRiver St. George was electrified by the tunes of local cover band The Rok Dox. With a set list of classic rock favorites including “Proud Mary,” “Takin’ Care of Business” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” the band got the crowd on its feet and dancing to their favorite songs.


“We love playing SunRiver because the venue is beautiful, the sound crew does a great job and the people are great,” said Dr. Paul Doxey, a founding member of the band. “It’s easy to tell the residents really like to have a good time. They have so much energy–and that gets us excited too.”


In betweem songs, the Rok Dox joked with the crowd by asking how many residents had improved their handicaps on the golf course since the last time the band had played at SunRiver.


Doxey added that the band of local doctors loves playing at SunRiver, which they do regularly.

“For us, there’s no better event in St. George,” he said. “Maybe our strong affinity for SunRiver comes from the fact that many of the residents are our patients. We know them inside and out.”

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