You don’t have to be retired to write a blog about retirement. But it helps. If you’re online and are looking for some interesting sites about retirement, here are 15 of the best to visit.

Some of the blogs are not about retirement per se, but deal with subjects of interest to those who are retired. Retirees write some of the retirement blogs, but not all.

“Want to treat yourself better? Eat better.” That’s the message Gil and Lori, The Sproutpeople share. “You don’t have to change everything – just add more of the good stuff. Sprouts are the most powerful nutrition you can grow. Good nutrition improves your health, gives you more energy, and is the first step to losing unnecessary pounds. Sprouts help you to think more clearly so you can get organized and enjoy life more with family and friends.”

“David and Carol Porter, The Roaming Boomers love to travel. And they love to share their experiences with the world. ‘Their ‘online luxury travel magazine with an eye towards experience, adventure, learning, and exploration,’ is a great way for seniors to learn about the world outside. Even if you no longer travel, you can live vicariously through the Porters’ experiences whether it’s a ranch in California or a beach on St. Lucia.”

“In the words of the blog’s founder, ‘Time Goes By is wide-ranging blog covering social issues, work, retirement, age discrimination and ageism, politics, media, health, family, Medicare and Social Security, love and sex, entertainment, humor, grief and mortality, culture, technology and more – all as related to aging.’”

The father-son team at the The Consumer Boomer blog covers advice and tips on all things financial from 401ks to comparing long-term care insurance. You’ll find categories such as long-term care, estate issues, online brokers and scams.

The Retirement online community blog is packed with retirees writing about their retired life, their hobbies, their passion, or whatever they care to write about. The site has instructions on how you can post, and shows you what other retirees are doing. You can glean ideas for you own personal blog, or just enjoy the thoughts of other retirees.

Bloggers John and Carol are full time RV’rs, “Where are we going? We don’t know. When will we get there? We’re not certain. All we know is we are on our way. We are retired and full-time RVers. This adventure is taking us all over North America and helping us to appreciate and understand how people live and what a wonderful world God has created. We try to give back by volunteering in state and national parks and fish and wildlife facilities. We also enjoy pursuing our hobbies of walking and jogging, weight training, photography, genealogy, carving and reading. Follow along as we enjoy this wonderful world.”

Seniors Aloud is a blog and community dedicated to senior citizens. They offer advice and tips on senior living and if you join, you can share your experiences.

If you’ve been looking for some useful information for seniors about keeping fit, The Senior Exercise Blog may have answers. Like Logan Franklin, his blog is no lightweight. The 71 year old author of Gray Iron: A Fitness Guide for Senior Men and Women, and Living the Fitness Lifestyle began exercising as a teen and never stopped. His blog is filled with iron solid fitness and exercise information.

Geezer Guff is a lighthearted blog for senior citizens on a variety of subjects, including travel and health.

Renee’s bio gives you an idea of the tack of her blog, Life in the Boomer Lane. If blog posts with titles like How to be an 80 Year Old Pole Dancer, and Cats Flying Off the Roof of My Car pique your interest, you will find Renee’s blog entertaining as well as thought provoking.

“Kathy Merlino is the author of Kathysretirementblog.com, a blog about her perspective and thoughts on the emotional side of retirement. She is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on non-financial retirement topics. Kathy believes retirement is a journey, not a destination.” Filled with upbeat observations of aging and living with a folksy tone and photos.

For a thought provoking look at current topics of interest to retirees, visit Bob’s Satisfying retirementblog.

“Some years ago Dave Bernard began what would prove to be an on-going search to find and create a meaningful fun retirement. While he discovered plenty of information on the financial side of retirement planning, what was sorely missing was useful hands-on guidance to prepare for the non-financial aspect. What can you personally do to make the most of your retired days? Believing preparing for how to live retirement is just as important as having enough money he focuses his blogging on retirement planning from a non-financial perspective.”

Jacob Fisker blogs at Early Retirement Extreme. He is the author of a book with the same name. His philosophy is, “The key to success is to run your personal finances much like a business, thinking about assets and inventory and focusing on efficiency and value for money. Not just any business but a business that’s flexible, agile, and adaptable. Conversely most consumers run their personal finances like an inflexible money-losing anti-business always in danger of losing their jobs to the next wave of downsizing.”

Mark Patterson started his Go To Retirement blog, “to talk about my goals (financial and otherwise) toward financial independence and contentment. Others might shorten this to ‘a nice retirement.’ I think that maybe ‘retirement’ is too limiting in its meaning. I am not sure if or when I might quit working altogether. My objective is to reach a point where I can choose not to work at all (or not for money) and still live comfortably. I am a baby boomer, still working full time and now blogging part-time. I am a widower with three sons and a dog.”

Hope you find some or all of these 15 retirement blogs entertaining and helpful enough to follow.