Cold Weather Inside Projects!

The weather has cooled down so much in the last month, we are now in the 70’s if you can believe it! As it get’s colder, we wanted to help you celebrate with these fun indoor DIY projects!


Homemade Candles

Let’s get your house smelling good and give a nice holiday vibe with some homemade candles! They are not too difficult to make yourself. Throw in some herbs, and/or essential oils, wax, and a wick in a jar and you’ve got yourself your own special candle!

Here are a few tutorials: Soy Wax CandlesPressed Herb Candles (so cute!), Crayon Color CandlesWine Bottle CandlesCinnamon Spice Candles (perfect for Autumn!), and French Vanilla Candles

Door Draft Stopper

Okay, this ones clever! Feeling a breeze under your door from the cold? Create a long pillow to stop the cold draft! Tutorial

Homemade Foodie Potpourri

Get your house smelling just like your childhood memories by simmering some fruit peels and spices on your stove or in a crockpot! Tutorials: Homemade Simmering Spice,  Slow Cooker (Fall & Winter Scents) , Winter Simmer Pot

Create Cozy Blankets

Get some fabric, fleece, sweaters, or yarn together and knit, crochet, or sew together the perfect blanket this season! Here is a tutorial on some pretty creative ways to make some blankets: 12 DIY Blankets to Cozy Up With This WinterChunky Icelandic Crochet Blanket PatternGorgeous Hand Crochet Blanket in an Hour

Homemade Bath Bombs

These are all the rage nowadays, nothing more wonderful than a warm bath on a cold day. Throw in a fizzy, bubbly bomb and inspire your imagination with awe! Another great thing about making these is they are fast, fun, and you can make multiples just as easy. Here are some tutorials: Holiday Bath BombPeppermint Bath BombVariety Holiday Bath Bombs

There are so many more projects you could do, from house indoor projects, like finally remodeling a bathroom, or repainting a wall, or adding molding, etc, or other craft projects, the list could go on forever! Let us know what your favorite cold weather/holiday projects are on our facebook page here!

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