Discovering Clubs at SunRiver – Billiards Club

The billiards group, an 8-ball pool league, started three years ago. Members play in pairs and keep track of the winners of each match. They progress through competitive play and the group awards trophies to the winners.

They don’t hold meetings, and matches are convenient for all members because players arrange their own time and date for each match.

Randy Zenk, club founder said, “It’s nothing real exciting, but it is a bunch of really nice guys,” said club founder Randy Zenk. “We’re less of a social group and more of a league.”

Don’t worry if your pool-playing isn’t up to snuff—the group uses a handicap system. Regardless of your ability, it evens out the score and you can still be competitive.

Don’t know anything about playing pool? One of the members of the group played pool professionally and is willing to work with newcomers to the sport to help them learn or improve their game. All you have to do is contact him and arrange a convenient time to meet at the tables. Look for the sign-up sheet in the billiards room.

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