Discovering Clubs at SunRiver – Gardening Club


Growing a garden in St. George is different from many other places: the desert, the heat, the cold. If you moved to SunRiver from a more hospitable growing climate and your gardening efforts have been stymied by the desert, consider the gardening club.

The club is fairly new to SunRiver—they started in 2016—and already have over 100 members. The club sponsors lectures about different aspects of gardening here in the Southwest. They are working toward establishing a community garden in SunRiver where residents can establish a plot and grow fresh produce.

Some of the topics the club has learned about include the following: what will grow here, when to plant, when to prune, preparation for spring planting, and what is permitted in SunRiver backyard gardens. They discuss the best methods to define your gardens and what materials to use.

The club also discusses two other topics of interest to gardeners here: how to protect your garden and plants from the summer sun and heat, and how to garden year round.

It’s not one garden fits all—the group also discusses various gardening methods, and you can discover what method best suits your skill, time involvement  and aptitude.

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