Discovering Clubs at SunRiver – Model Railroad Club


Do you feel the pull to design, plan and build cities, towns and countrysides? Do you yearn to control the trains that convey freight and passengers who ride the rails? Model railroading could be the engine to fulfill those desires.

The SunRiver Junction Model Railroad Group is a group of enthusiasticmodel railroaders that formed in 2016. Members have model railroads in scales ranging from the small HO scale to backyard size G scale.

Some members have working railroads, and others have only rolling stock (trains, but no tracks to run them on). Members using the same gauge can sometimes be persuaded to let members with rolling stock use their tracks.

The group is less of a social group, and more of a group of enthusiasts who enjoy designing track layouts, creating trainscapes and running trains. Instead of monthly meetings, members with the same gauge railroads get together and help each other. If a railroader needs help, they can contact others in the group.

In April, November, and December, group members open their yards or homes to the public. During last Christmas season, twelve SunRiver members opened their homes to showcase their running railroads.

To learn more visit here: Model Railroad (SR Junction)