Easy DIY Healthy Snacks

During St. George’s blazing summers, making DIY snacks can be an easy, healthy alternative to constantly eating out or spending time in the drive-thru line. Below are a few simple, easy ideas for making your own homemade, health-conscious snacks:

Trail mix is always a convenient snack to take on the go, whether you’re hitting the trails at Zion National Park or running around town. And the best thing about trail mix is that you can use whatever you happen to have around the house for it! Start with your choice of protein-rich nuts as a base and add anything from raisins and dried fruit to M&Ms and candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. For healthier alternatives, consider adding popcorn, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or pretzels to the mix. Storing your trail mix in sandwich bags makes it easily accessible to get the boost of energy you need during the day as you snack.

Homemade energy bars take a bit more effort to concoct, but can be made using any combination of nuts, dates and dried fruit! Whether you try yummy combinations like cherry-almond, apple-cinnamon-walnut or cranberry-pecan, the options are nearly endless! Check out one simple recipe from Kitchn here.

Replace a healthy alternative to store-bought cookie dough by combining Greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract with chocolate chips. This particular recipe from Dashing Dish packs 26 grams of protein into just 155 calories for a treat that feels indulgent while being secretly healthy-conscious. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to whip together!

Love potato chips, but need a healthier alternative? Try making your own sweet potato chips with the help of a healthy cooking spray and a little salt! Much less fattening than regular chips but equally delicious, this recipe is so simple you can even make it in the microwave!

Check back for more go-to recipes and healthy snacking suggestions! What do you like to snack on most during the summer? Tell us in the comments below!