Early Stage Memory Loss Course

Memory Matters Utah/Nevada is offering a 10-week Early Stage Memory Loss Course beginning on February 6, 2018 at the St. George Library.

The course is designed to benefit those with an early stage memory loss or dementia diagnosis and their primary care partners. Recognized professionals will provide the tools and resources necessary for participants and caregivers to face the challenges of a memory loss illness. Classes will promote brain health and help participants plan for the future.

The 10-week course is designed to aid the person with memory loss and their primary care partner and include presentations on legal and financial preparation, pharmaceutical and alternative remedies, brain health and nutrition. The second hour of each class, participants may attend either a cognitive training group or a care partner training and support group.

Admission is $25 and donation is encouraged. For more information on the class schedule and details, contact Janet Labrum at 435-319-0407 or by email at janet.labrum.ads@gmail.com.

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