Four Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day! As people across the country gather to celebrate the founding of our country, it's important to remember that the holiday is about much more than BBQs, fireworks and wearing red, white and blue. Below, check out four different ways to commemorate the real meaning of the Fourth of July.

Learn about American history

The best way to remind yourself about the real meaning of Independence Day is by looking back at the history of our nation. Talk to your family – especially the grandkids! - about America's founding story, the purpose of democracy and fighting for our freedom. In a landmark year celebrating the 50th anniversary of D-Day, these topics are more prescient than ever.

Read the Declaration of Independence

What better way to kick off your holiday celebrations than with the document that started it all? From its unforgettable opening stanza, the Founding Fathers laid out the truths that we as Americans will always hold to be self evident: the belief that all men are created equal and deserve the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Listen to a new podcast

The podcast craze of the last decade has given rise to a new kind of customized radio. Now you can listen to a podcast about virtually any topic at any time – including a number of patriotic, America-focused programs. Not sure where to start? Check out Benjamin Franklin's World, BackStory, This American Life or The Bowery Boys.

Volunteer or get involved in civic activity

One of the best ways to honor our forefathers is to get involved and do your civic duty. SunRiver is home to its own chapter of the American Legion, the nation's largest veterans service organization. If you're not a veteran, find other ways to get involved in your community and add to the American spirit!