Maximize your Pickleball Game!

One of the largest sporting events in the Huntsman World Senior Games is Pickleball, known as one of the fastest growing sports in America. The game is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.  It is played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net.  The only equipment needed is a paddle and a plastic ball with holes. 

Throw in a few quirky scoring rules and a “kitchen line” and you have the great game of Pickleball. You  must be warned, though:  Pickleball can be addictive!

In order to prepare and be ready for a tournament, there are some Tips:

Before you step on the pickleball court:

  • Confirm the time you are playing

  • Select proper clothing – wicking, not loose, temperature inspired

  • Warm up your body for at least 10 minutes

  • Be sure to check in the day of the tournament

Make sure you have:

  • Visor or hat

  • Eye protection

  • Sunscreen

  • Water or hydrating drink

  • Snacks

  • Change of clothes, socks, undergarments

  • Extra garment for cool weather

Playing the game:

  • Make a game plan with your partner

  • Limit your faults

  • Target your opponents’ weaknesses

  • Keep your opponent guessing

  • Communicate with your partner

  • Trust your partner and support them – you are a team

  • Breathe

  • Take time outs

Ethics and Sportsmanship:

  • Be a good sport

  • Call the ball fairly

  • Don’t make calls that occur on the other side of the net

  • If you disagree with your partner’s call, correct it

Have Fun!

To learn more about Pickleball and/or join the club at SunRiver, click here!