St. George Opera Presents La Bohème

St. George Opera proudly presents La bohème—the perfect opera for first-timers and longtimers—at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta in Ivins October 3, 5, and 11.

If you’ve never been to a live opera performance, you may wonder what all the fuss is about. If you’re curious, then David Sauer, general director of St. George Opera and opera tenor advises: “La bohème is definitely the first opera you should see.” Why? “Because,” he says, “La bohème shows off what opera is all about: passion expressed through moving melodies, a compelling story, striking costumes and dazzling sets. The music of La bohème is some of the most beautiful and famous ever written and the plot is captivating. Opera as an art form was created to show off the very best in humans’ creative achievements.”

In the 21st century, opera’s base of raving fans has grown, thanks in part to the Broadway hit musical Rent, which is based on La bohème. But as far as which version of La bohème to see, Sauer recommends you see the performances coming to Kayenta in October for two reasons. First, the performers: “We have a cast of world-class performers in our production whose vocal and stage talents are extraordinary.” Second, he says, “It’s the venue. I can’t overstate how the intimate black box theater heightens the experience. Audiences get to see the subtleties and nuances of facial expressions, gestures…details you wouldn’t be able to see in a large theater. It’s like watching a live movie.”

Are opera fans on to something? Come to La bohème and find out! Tickets are selling for a fraction of what the show costs to produce and, says Sauer, “You may just have one of the best nights of your life.”

Puccini’s famous four-act Italian opera plays out the tragic love affair between the poor poet Rodolfo and an equally poor seamstress, Mimi, in the Latin Quarter of 19th century Paris. Along the way, their story becomes hilariously and dramatically intertwined with their group of friends—neighbors, artistic roommates, lovers, and more! (Note: Subtitles will be provided on screen.)

Tickets for all three performances of La bohème are available via the Center for the Arts at Kayenta website

***Please be aware that, due to a website issue, Center for the Arts at Kayenta is unable to remove the dinner ticket option for the October 11th performance of La bohème. Dinner by Chef Alfredo’s will NOT be served on the 11th. Art in Kayenta festival food vendors will be open during the day, and Xetava Gardens Café will be open until 8pm. Dinner by Chef Alfredo’s Ristorante Italiano is available for purchase on October 3rd and 5th only, and will be served at 5:30pm.***