Tour of Organ Favorites Through Time by Misty Schaffert


Come listen to the sounds of organ music as organist Misty Schaffert takes audiences on a journey through musical history with her performance at the St. George Tabernacle.

Born in Seattle, Schaffert held her first position as an organist at age 13. She received her masters degree in Chicago with a double major in piano and organ, and won the American Guild of Organists’ Young Artists Competition (Chicago Chapter) twice. Schaffert excels as an organist, pianist, accompanist and teacher, and has performed in Cairo, England, The Netherlands, Jerusalem, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. She now adds the St. George Tabernacle to her growing list of performance venues across the globe.

The performance of “Tour of Organ Favorites Through Time” will take place Saturday, July 20 at  7 p.m. at the St. George Tabernacle in historic downtown (18 S Main St.). The event is free and open to the public.