St. George Settlement and the Smithsonian Exhibition

Join historian Doug Alder and Mayor Jon Pike to learn about the work of settling Washington County, both historically and today. This special presentation on our local history will be held Saturday, September 9 at Dixie Academy (86 S Main Street). Admission is free and early registration can be completed here.

This lecture is a part of Washington County Works! – a county-wide celebration accompanying the Smithsonian Institution’s “The Way We Worked” exhibition. (The traveling exhibition arrives in Leeds, UT on September 16 and will be on display for residents until November 4 at Silver Reef Museum.) “The Way We Worked” has been put together by the Smithsonian to honor the men and women workers who created the society in which we live today, and is currently on a historical tour of the country. With help and resources from the National Archives, come learn how Utahns worked to build their state communally using everything from nature and economics to Mormon pioneers and government-funded programs! The exhibition will also focus on how the concept of work has been woven the fabric of Utah to become a key characteristic of the state’s identity.

For a complete lecture schedule and more information on the exhibition, click here, and check out a video trailer for “The Way We Worked” below!

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