Try out these unique St. George, UT activities


When you are in the mood for some unique activities, here are a few ideas you might want to try.

Wander the Warbirds

Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum is dedicated to preserving, restoring and displaying aircraft for the educational benefit of current and future generations. The museum is committed to the education of aviation Warbird history and heritage to ensure that the sacrifices and contributions of all those who flew these historic aircraft will not be forgotten…” (Looking for more of a challenge? The museum is always looking for volunteer mechanics, pilots, and representatives. For information contact here)

See historic Silver Reef

Silver Reef was a mining boom town in the late 1800’s with the discovery of silver in sandstone- a geological rarity. The area is now a Wild West Ghost Town located in a stunning geological setting. Start your visit at the Wells Fargo Express Stop Museum. There are numerous spectacular areas to visit within walking distance of the museum.”

Experience southern Utah and Zion’s National Park from the comfort and exhilaration of your own helicopter tour. 

“Elevate Your Vacation With an Air Tour of Zion National Park! Heavenly beauty can’t be fully appreciated from the ground. Zion National Park is so much more than a narrow little canyon, yet most visitors never grasp the vastness of its scenery from the tour bus window. Nothing elevates your Zion’s vacation more than viewing it from 5000 feet. Zion Helicopters takes your Zion adventure to greater heights than you ever imagined.”

Go skydiving! 

“The sensation of flying through the air is unique and exhilarating, and modern equipment and training make it possible for anyone to enjoy this great experience. Today’s skydivers find soft standup landings are an easy accomplishment with rectangular parachutes, and you enjoy an incredible flight through the sky!

Tandem jumping has helped make skydiving available to the mainstream. After a short training, you and your instructor will climb in the airplane and enjoy a spectacular flight overlooking Zion National Park and Southern Utah.

Training and ground preparation is only 30 minutes to an hour because you can be trained during the jump itself, much like you learn to drive a car – with an instructor.

Twenty minutes later, securely harnessed to a professionally trained tandem instructor, you will freefall from 14,000 feet above sea level! During the freefall you are weightless, and you feel the full effect of a freefall skydive. At Skydive Zion you can do rolls, turns, even pull you own ripcord on your first skydive! After a 45 second freefall, you or your instructor open the parachute, and your instructor helps you fly the parachute for five to ten minutes to a soft landing at the airport.”

Find the clues before your time ends at the St. George Mystery Escape Room

You may not get out in time, but you will always enjoy your time in the Mystery Escape Room. Here are three current mysteries waiting for you to  solve.

Treasure Island – “Billy Bones seemed like your normal buccaneer but when vicious pirates came for him and gave him the black spot (A pirates death sentence), he let the secret out.  There is a treasure map hidden in the tavern that leads to Captain Flints Treasure! Find the map and the treasure could be yours.  You must find it fast for there are bloodthirsty pirates who know about the map and will gut anyone who gets in their way!”

The Hardy House GHOST Mystery – “Solve the mystery behind a chilling and mysterious presence that resides within the Hardy House.  Rumor around town is that there is a room there that has not changed since the death of a little girl.  Why does she remain there and is she friend or foe?  Find out in The Hardy House Ghost Mystery!”

Spend an artsy day at Kayenta

“The heart of the Kayenta Community in Ivins, Utah, Coyote Gulch Art Village is a growing enclave of art galleries, studios, café, gift and coffee shop. Its array of arts-oriented enterprises offers fine art, gifts, photography, events, classes, gourmet food and coffee. An arts center, a retail center, or just a place to relax and explore, the Coyote Gulch Art Village is open to the public and everyone is welcome.”

Discover St. George’s dinosaurs

“The Dinosaur Discovery Site represents the remarkable discovery of an Early Jurassic lakeside environment and the thousands of tracks of primarily carnivorous dinosaurs that roamed the shoreline in search of food.” (and possibly part-time jobs. Okay maybe full-time jobs). “The tracks are preserved in sandstone that has locked in both the details of the print and the actions of the printmaker. Because of its location along the shores of that prehistoric lake, the largest collection of dinosaur swim tracks is also housed at this facility and many of these blocks are on display.”

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