Imagine resort living in a 55+ community like SunRiver, St. George. The community center with all its amenities, the golf course, concerts, dances, dog park, veteran’s park, and most of your friends and neighbors are within a mile of your house.

A place where noise, congestion, and pollution is cut dramatically – because many of the residents ride their golf carts throughout the community rather than their cars.

Six gallons of gasoline every three or four months.

You could park your car in the garage and not even start it up for days at a time. You can ride your quiet, fuel efficient, or electric golf cart to all of your active social engagements. The average range for gasoline powered golf carts is about 250 miles per tank of gas. The length of most round-trips you will make in the SunRiver community is between one and two miles, depending on where your home is in relation to the community center.

Charge your cart while you sleep

With an electric golf cart, you can probably expect an hour and a half ride time on a charge; about 25 miles. With an average commute time to activities of five to ten minutes, you can go days between charges. When it’s time, put your cart on to charge at night. Most carts will charge in six hours, and you’re ready to go for another few days. That’s with a very active social schedule.

No parking problems

Have you ever attended a concert or event and had to park blocks away? On top of the privilege of walking for blocks from your vehicle to the event, you paid an exorbitant parking fee.

Well, in a golf cart community the parking problem is solved. Wait until you see the golf cart parking spaces at the golf club and community center at SunRiver. Guess how many carts will fit into the same space as one full-sized car.

You aren’t restricted to parking in the parking lot during a concert or event. Golf carts equipped with turf friendly tires are designed to drive on grass. Rather than finding a parking place and walking to a concert at SunRiver, you can take advantage of your golf cart’s versatility and park on the grass at the concert. Imagine row upon row of carts lined up like they were at a drive-in movie.

You can enjoy the concert from the comfort of your cart. Most of our residents prefer to walk a few paces to one of the provided tables and share the event with friends, new and old.

Comfort and convenience

If you have ever attended a concert in the city, you know the joy of lugging your comfort necessities across crowded parking lots and through stadium seating. A blanket, seat cushion, extra layers just in case the weather turns cold. And then hauling it all back to the car.

Now, imagine the convenience of sitting in or a few feet from your golf cart. You might be wondering what good golf clubs will be at a concert. What if you replaced the clubs with a cooler filled with your beverages of choice? Maybe even a favorite snack? And packed all your comfort necessities onto the cart? No walking. Your cart is parked a few feet away. Need a blanket? Take a few steps, and voilà, you have it. Need another drink? It’s right there in your cooler.

Inexpensive, cold, and ready

Your favorite beverage is sitting right there in your golf cart mounted cooler. You can enjoy a bottle of wine, a mixed drink, or a six-pack of…your choice, for less than a single cup of refreshment purchased from most stadium vendors.

Since the entire commute to your golf cart concession stand is only a few steps, your drink arrives fresh from being nestled in ice in your own cooler, ice cold. Unless you’d rather a room temperature beverage, in which case, it’s in the pouch next to the cooler.

How would it be? You are enjoying the concert, you sing along with familiar tunes, dance to your heart’s content, and now you are parched. Your trek to the concession stand is the few short steps to your golf cart. There is no waiting line. You reach into your cooler and select your chosen drink. You don’t even have to settle for something you didn’t really want because it’s what the stadium carries. It’s your brand. Because that’s what you packed. You never miss a beat from the concert.

Easy exodus

Do you remember the joy of exiting a concert? The crowds pushing and shoving in an effort to be the first ones out to avoid the inevitable traffic congestion that lay ahead. Vehicle lined up in parking structures and intersections patiently waiting their turn to enter into the traffic flow. Patiently? The roads are blocked with event goers anxious to escape, and everyone has the same idea; be the first ones out and avoid the rush.

Now imagine golf carts filtering out of tonight’s concert. No real rush. Home is five easy minutes away, and you’re busy enjoying the company of your neighbors and friends anyway. What’s the rush? The concert may be over, but you are having such a good time, you really don’t want it to end. So you linger. Maybe you walk over to Hank’s Riverwalk Grill for dinner and drinks. By the time you finish your meal, you and your companion’s carts may be the only ones still at the golf club.

Even if you want to hurry home, the roads and paths are more than able to handle the outflow of these small and energy efficient golf carts.

Relaxed lifestyle

Life in a 55+ golf cart community like SunRiver is relaxing. Leave the car in the garage and ride your cart to activities, the community center, the golf course, the dog park, the – wherever you want to go in the community. If you want to get a real feel for life in a golf cart community, come on out to SunRiver, St. George and try our three day-two night Discovery Stay.