Hoodoo 500 Hits St. George

This Friday, August 25, the Hoodoo 500 ultra-marathon cycling event descends upon the city of St. George. Presented by Planet Ultra, the cycling event is the most epic and challenging of its kind – beginning in St. George and passing through or around three National Parks, three National Monuments and several Utah State Parks. According to the event’s official website, the scenery along the route “varies from majestic cliffs and striking red rock hoodoos to aspen and pine forests and high mountain meadows,” giving riders all the very best of Utah’s famous Color Country.

What exactly is a hoodoo, you ask? Geologically speaking, hoodoos are tall, skinny rock spires that protrude from the bottom of arid basins and are littered throughout Southern Utah. Mystically speaking, however, hoodoo is a traditional African American folk magic term meaning “magical spell,” which is sure to cast itself over riders on this 500-mile journey!

Experience the race in real time with the official Hoodoo 500 Webcast where you can find race updates, reports, photos and live streaming over the two-day endurance event!

For more information, visit www.hoodoo500.com

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