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7 Tips to Help you Relate to Your Grandchildren

Relating to your grandchildren can be a joy for you, and fun for them too. You can be a stabilizing factor in your grandchild’s life. You can help them navigate their childhood and teenage years. For most of human history, grandparents have been essential to providing vital guidance and instruction. The traditional grandparent role may have changed. But human nature hasn’t. Your grandchildren can still benefit from your accumulated wisdom and counsel, but you may have to impart it subtly.

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Shuttle stops now in SunRiver!

SunRiver Communities welcomes St. George Shuttle’s new bus stop! Now, just up the street at the new Terrible Herbst Gas Sation (4655 S Pioneer Rd)!

Currently, St. George Shuttle offers 39 stops from Vegas to Idaho and even to the Zion area. See all stops here.

Book or check prices for your Shuttle reservation here!

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Checking Off an 80th Birthday Bucket List

Every SunRiver resident moves to the community with a bucket list of things he or she has always wanted to try. Some join the lawn bowling group; others take up pottery or leatherworking once they retire. For 80-year-old Gary Reich, one particular thing had been at the top of his personal bucket list since he was young: driving a bulldozer.

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The History of St. George, UT

The history of St. George, Utah began about 6000 B.C. That was a little before there was a St. George, or a Utah. There is still evidence of some of the early inhabitants around if you know where to look. If you wander the desert around St. George, you will likely encounter petroglyphs dating back 600 to 1,000 years.

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Retirement. The word evokes emotions from fear to giddiness, depending on how we view it and how prepared we are. Friends make life, and retirement more enjoyable. That’s why SunRiver St. George hosts so many events and concerts, and why residents stay active with others in the many clubs. Here are 5 TED talks to watch about growing older, and retirement that will give you a wider view of what it means, how to enjoy it longer, and how we can do it better.

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Golf Tips: Putt Left-Hand Low?

MOST (RIGHT-HANDED) GOLFERS START OUT PUTTING WITH THEIR RIGHT HAND BELOW THEIR LEFT ON THE SHAFT. It’s only natural since that’s the way right-handed golfers grip the other clubs in their bag. According to short-game guru Dave Pelz, that putter grip can actually cause missed putts for many golfers. Those golfers should consider the left-hand low method to help them putt more consistently.

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Golf Tips: How Much Bounce?

When you’re trying to choose which wedge you want to hit, many everyday golfers overlook if the bounce on their wedge matches the lie for their shot. For instance, if you have a shot that’s the right distance to hit with your high-bounce sand wedge, but you have a tight or hard-pan lie, your sand wedge isn’t the right club for the shot.

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Golf Tips: The Weed Cutter

There must be thousands of training aids and gimmicks on the market that claim to show you the secret to swinging the golf club and promise to lower your scores. Some are expensive, some are surprisingly cheap. Some are complicated high-tech. Some seem too simple to be any good. With so many choices, how can you unlock the secret to solid ballstriking and shot-making?

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